Model Based Engineering

Advances in architecture research in the 1990s has led to an opportunity to address this industry problem through an architecture-centric model-based engineering approach. Aerospace industry sponsored the development of the Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL) under the auspices of SAE International. The AADL standard suite includes extensions to address specific needs for fault modeling, modeling of ARINC653 partitioned architectures, integration of data models, requirements, and code generation. The SEI also developed an open source tool set for AADL with analysis capabilities for multiple quality attribute dimensions. System models that precisely capture this architecture provide the basis for predictable system engineeringthrough repeated analysis early in and throughout the development life cycle.

STEM Xpert complex engineering tasks which are repetitive and logical in nature. MBE generates all the engineering documents (3D Models/2D Drawings/BoM/Costing/etc…) in 1/10th of the conventional cycle time and hence accelerates ‘Time to Market’. Every IT services project begins with a thorough analysis of our customers’ requirements to identify the tools and technologies that best suit their environment. The development and implementation efforts that follow are geared towards reducing turnaround time and increasing reliability.