Embedded Systems

Product companies are expected to deliver more business value to their end customers in the dynamic business scenarios and meet the short-term and long-term objectives of their organizations. STEM Xpert with its define, design, develop and validate (DDD&V) capabilities, backed by industry-focused R&D, simulation / prototyping facilities, domain expertise, reusable assets, solution accelerators and industry alliances, helps companies achieve their product development and sustenance initiatives.

Client Challenges

  • Better and smaller designs with new features, technologies and improved usability
  • Faster go-to-market
  • Reduced costs
  • Development of eco-friendly products that adhere to stringent compliance standards
  • Availability of modular and reusable components for easy scalability, enhancements and localization

What STEM XPERT Provides

We have capabilities across the product technology stack of digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF products. Our NPD services encompass the entire product lifecycle, from ideation and requirements formalization to design and prototyping and then sustenance engineering. Our services include the following:

  • Formal and verifiable requirements capturing, coupled with modeling and simulation to ensure that the marketing requirements are stated unambiguously
  • Architectural definition including hardware / software system partitioning
  • VLSI design and verification that includes ASIC, FPGA, CPLD and SoC
  • Microprocessor and DSP based designs
  • Circuit design and PCB development and bring up complex boards up to 22 layers and over 3,000 components
  • Firmware that includes boot loaders, drivers and protocol stacks
  • Middleware components
  • Software applications and utilities for device management, configuration, monitoring and diagnostics
  • GUI and HMI design
  • Device and platform connectivity solutions including communication protocols, security and data transfer components
  • Independent V&V services like design verification, hardware / software testing and qualification test services like environmental, EMI / EMC and (H)ALT