The automotive industry is witnessing a remarkable transformation as it prepares itself for the next generation connected cars age. Changing consumer preferences and economic fluctuations in a fiercely competitive market is leading the automotive OEMs to constantly look at reinventing their business models and to deliver value to their customers. Unrelenting pressures to improve program cost and quality for better global collaboration with suppliers and cost control is increasing. On the other hand, the rising share of electronics is significantly influencing the cost & complexity of the vehicle. Slowing mature markets versus emerging markets is putting increased focus on having optimum manufacturing strategies to balance NPDI with capacity. Tightening environmental compliance and search for an optimum efficient engine technology is putting pressure on investing in the right technology.

STEM Xpert, combined with deep domain knowledge and technology expertise partners with the automotive leaders and their extended enterprise in delivering intelligent solutions that help bring in efficiencies and drive measurable business value across the digital product realization lifecycle.

STEM Xpert’s consulting and technology led solutions based approach helps customer with a definitive roadmap driven by unique architectures and solutions for further leveraging their PLM assets, increase its ROI, and also rationalize their application portfolio in line with business needs. Leveraging our knowledge of the NPDI process and strong expertise in PLM, STEM Xpert’s solution frameworks help customers maximize their investments in enterprise PLM applications and capitalize on new market opportunities ahead of competition. Our solution accelerators backed by our knowledge of the product realization cycle and software technologies complement contemporary engineering processes, giving our customers better and faster engineering services.